from my blog on IBNLive : ‘Moving with The Shadow Lines’

You get to the library by left-turning one too many times. I learnt that the hard way for the car’s unpredictable GPS always led me some metres astray, and then in the US, a wrong turn can distressingly take you quite some distance. My memory proves more reliable; two left turns gets you off York Road into Padonia Road, and a last right leads you to the Cockeysville Public Library, one of the libraries that make up the Baltimore County’s Public Library system. When I moved a few weeks ago, my search to feel at home, to look for the familiar, began here.


So I went down the shelves in the library, following short orderly rows arranged in perfect alphabetic order; down rows marked GAD, GAI, till at long last with some impatience I came to GHO. And stopped to run my hand down the spines of books much loved. There they were: The Hungry Tide and River of Smoke.


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